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  AUA 236

The car is a 1968, DeLeuxe equipped Volvo 142. Its got a mono-sound system, AM-radio antenna and fluffy dices on the driving mirror. We bought the car of the family Borg for 3500 Swedish crowns (400 USD) in the fall 2006. Its been owned in the family for a long time and grandpa Borg maked sured the car was properly undercoated.

AUA236 on inspection at Swedish car testing company

The gasgenerator is double hulled and from 1942. Its manufactured by Bolinderís AB for Ford Motorcompany AB. It was bought in Orsa by Johan 2003.

We first built one filter and took experience from that one when we constructed a new filter. The filters is a cyclone filter and a fibreglass filter. They are made in stainless steel with help from Leif Altberg at Altbergs Metal Works Company in Edsbyn.

The cooler cools the gas with wind and has a canister for condensated water. Itís made of steel from an old diesel tank and pipes.

The fuel mixing system allows switch between producer gas and gasoline with a throttle switch while the car is running. The gasoline tank contains 2.5 litres of gasoline witch is for driving in and out of garages where you cannot have the generator lit. The throttle for the secondary air is controlled with a small RC servo and manoeuvred with a control on the gerlever. We have added a circuit witch can regulate the air/gas mixture automatically with a lambdacensor.


Top speed: 90km/h (105 km/h with dry BjŲrk wood)

Acceleration 0-100: Some times :)

Wood consumption: 1 cu m / 1000 km

Cruising range on one load: 70 km

Start-up time: 2-10 minutes

Kerb weight: 1460 kg

The producer-gas systems weight: 260 kg


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