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Day 15 24/02 2007

Time for work again! Our goal is to make a test run with wood gas this weekend, but first there is a lot to do. By mistake I dropt an air flow meter on the floor. A protection net came out of it and lied on the floor. I passed it several times until I thought of that it was exactly what I needed as an end filter to the gas mixer. It fitted perfect. It had exactly the same diameter as the inner diameter of the tubing. The filter protects the engine from metal parts and other things that accidentally has come in to the system.

We got help from Anders Wäster to squeeze new bushings in the suspension arms. He had repaired the arms in the past week and done a really good job with the welding. Martin and Micke cleaned the wheel bearings and installed them and the parking brake wire. We painted the suspension arms with galvanic paint. We were short on time, so we had to install them before they had dried properly. We installed the level shocks and connected the air pipes to them.

The car was almost ready and we wanted to test the suspension. That’s when we thought about taking the car to Lotta’s Caffé (the local pub).

We connected the cables to the backlights and mounted a temporary fuel tank on the gas cooler. We went and took a shower and made us ready for party. When we finally were going to go, the car wouldn’t start. We did a control of the engine and discovered that the ignition cable was unplugged and that the ignition distributor lid was not properly in place. A short investigation pointed on that Martins beer that he dropped in the engine earlier this evening had caused the trouble.

Now the car started but after a while it begun to backfire and a ticking sound started in the engine. As if that was not enough, I could not get up the window on the drivers side. What the heck! We drove in to Furudal where the pub is. People really liked the car. Not only did it look really strange, it also backfired!

When the pub closed, we were going to go to home party. Now we couldn’t start the car again. After we had pushed it a long distance with no signs of ignition we started to look for the fault. It was the ignition cable again, but this time it was cut right of. Probably by Martin’s beer again. We took a cable from one of the backlights and got the car running again. The engine worked fine the rest of the night. But when we came home it rattled a lot.

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