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Day 17 26/02 2007

Early in the morning we went to Toivo and “Östanvik’s Welds and Repairs”. Around the small idyllic company, there is a great fauna of old Volvo parts. We looked around in the snow and bushes and soon we found what we were looking for. Back in the garage we installed the new camshaft transmission. Vi also mounted the high beams on the gas cooler.

Time for test run again! With some difficulties we got the engine started. It was weak and really difficult to get the car rolling on wood gas. We went in to Furudal and picked up some friends that wanted a ride with the car. We did a 30 km long trip and the speed was 50 – 70 km/h. When we had let our friends of, we continued driving and the idea came to try adjusting the ignition timing. We stopped out in the dark woods and opened the engine compartment.

The distributor was so corrugated that the axel was stuck. After one hour we got it loose and could change it a couple of degrees. This time the engine felt much better and we had a speed around 85 km/h and topped at 105 km/h. We drove about 150 km that night. Wood consumption was about 11 litres / 10 km and it produced 4 litres of condensate water.

We think that we can tune the ignition timing even better and get more power that way. We are also planning to change engine to a Volvo B20. When we are going to pull a trailer this is necessary.

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