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Day 1 30/12 2006

At last its time to start with the project. The idea came one year ago and the planning for the project has grown since then. It started with that we were going to build a wood gas car, and later the idea that we were going to travel around Sweden came. The goal is to be ready with the car before the summer 2007 and to do the around Sweden trip during the summer vacation.

The project will mostly be realized in Furudal in the province of Dalarna where Johan has a garage. Some things like engine renovation we will do in Stockholm. The car we are using is a –68 Volvo 142. We bought the car for 3500 Swedish crowns (400 USD). The producer is a real rarity, a 1941 years Bolinder. We will build filters, cooler and other details our self’s.

Today we have transported the Volvo, all our equipment and raw material to Dalarna from Stockholm. We made sure to do a rigorous control of the Volvo before the transport which resulted in that we had to fill some braking lube and cooling water. On they way to Dalarna we had to stop several times to buy extra materials and equipment for the project.


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