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Day 20 18/03 2007

I did two important things today. Welded and installed the gasoline tank and mounted the air cleaner.

I used 3Ē iron pipes for the tank. I welded a horizontal long pipe with a sump so the tank wont be sensitive for pitches. About 10 mm from the bottom in the sump I brazed a copper pipe for connecting of the fuel pipe. I used the gasoline filling tube from the old tank. I had run out of gas to the MIG-welder, so I had to use the pin welder. It was really tough and it ended up with me painting the welds with epoxy glue to stop leaks.

The air-cleaner comes from an old Perkins diesel. Itís an oil bath filter and itís the first time I have seen it on a gasoline engine. Wonder what would happen with the oil if the engine backfired!? I mounted it in the front of the car because it looks good there and because of the lack of space in the engine room.

Because wood gas consists of large amounts of carbon monoxide, which is poisonous, we decided to by a CO-warner. Itís a cheap life incurrence.

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