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Day 22 01/04 2007

I found a chromed gas cap on Östanviks Welds & Repairs that will replace our temporary plastic cap. I also found a hitch hook.

I travelled down to Stockholm and Micab. There I met up with Micke and Martin, to build on the wood hacker. It works in this way: You saw the wood into slabs. The slabs then fall down a shaft. There is a piston going back and forth in the bottom of the shaft. The piston presses the slabs through a hole and a knife. What comes out is 2” peaces of wood, that’s perfect for the producer.

We want high quality and good availability of spare parts. That’s way we built the wood hacker of a flywheel, crankshaft and pitman from a B21 Volvo engine. At the first attempt to test it, the momentum was to low so the hacker stopped. We then added an extra flywheel from a diesel engine and now it started to work just fine.

One of the requirements when I constructed the wood hacker was that it should be portable and that we could take it with us on the trip. Well, it sits there on the trailer, but portable – NO! Damn - It’s heavy!

See the wood hacker on film

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