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Day 26 07/04 2007

The wood that was chopped yesterday has been packed into bags today. Totally we have 23 bags. Eleven of them are oak wood. They will be placed in a woodshed to dry still more before summer.

We have installed a radio in the car and placed a long antenna on the top. This is important because we want to listen to al AM- and local radio stations. We found “Din Gold” from the Netherlands immediately with a good sound. Of course we forgot about the long antenna when driving in to the garage. By the way we managed to straighten it. The loud speakers have been placed in the middle of the car in keeping with the times of mono sound.

One of the temperature sensors of the wood gas has been moved from the pipe after the cooler to the filter because the temperature was too low for the meter to register. The temperature is higher in the filter. We can now find out how the filter works at different temperatures.

Micke has started to build a safety device protecting from glowing coal to fall down from the producer. This is mandatory according to the directions of The Traffic Administration Safety. The safety device is made of a grill which allows the air to circulate through the trunk so it will not be too hot.

We have also fixed some details like changing blinker relay and the filter and to take away the ashes.

The day was finished by sitting in the car listening to the mono sound. The program was Swedish radio channel 2, Jazz time and Micke really enjoyed himself in the back seat. When Micke has had a bear or two, he becomes King of the Back Seat. He starts to care about details like that the ventilation windows in the back of the car must work and that he wants a bear can holder. Martin and I then start to talk about something else and the next day Micke has forgotten about his detailed wishes.

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