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Day 38 20/5 2007

We discovered that the clutch of the old motor was bad. As we are mounting the new motor today we suddenly had to find a new clutch in a very short time. We found an advertisement on internet in a site called Blocket. A kerb-crawler in Alsike is selling car-parts from his old Volvo stocks because he has now got a BMW. I visited him and the coupling was ours for 300 Skr.

The mounting of the new motor worked out well today. The starting of it later on was a failure and you can say that we now have a delicate problem. More about that later. We lifted the new motor from the bench where it was placed with a travers and mounted the flywheel and the clutch. The motor was shining red and it was beauuuuti-nice as we say in kerb-crawler language. We found a pair new of rubber allayer to place under the motor, the old ones were in bad condition. The motor was placed in its position and dividing breechings, generator, fuel system, new starter motor among other things were mounted. After that we filled oil and antifreeze.

Now the problems start. We can see that the antifreeze had been leaking, there was a pool on the garage floor. We have difficulties to find out where it comes from. As the pool is rather small we decide to start the motor. Nothing happens. The new starter motor does not work. We change the starter motor to the old one. Now the motor starts and works well. We open the oil filling lock and find something that looks like cream. Cooler water is mixed with oil somewhere and vice versa. We now can state that the antifreeze partly leaks from the cylinder head gasket.

After some discussions we decide to pull the cylinder head bolts tighter. We increase the drought power from 9 N to 10 N. Somewhat better. We increase to 11 N and change oil, but water is still leaking into the oil. One good thing is that the leaking outside the motor has stopped.

We decide to take away the cylinder head and make an inspection. We canīt find any cracks and the cylinder head gasket looks ok. We are very puzzled, what is wrong? The bolts have been pulled tighter in the right order. The bolts were greased. The cylinder head is new (though a cheep one from Biltema).

Now our plan is to test new gaskets. If that does not work we shall have to buy a new motor. We finished the day having a pizza. Outside the pizza restaurant we could see a jet of water. Our thoughts immediately went back to the water leak in the motor.

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