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Day 50 3/7 2007

Today I have fixed some small details. I was in the town Mora and managed to get a T-crossing for the oil pressure gauges. It wasnít too easy to find one. Most of the ones I found were too big to fit. At last I came to a store where I was invited to look in the storage. On a high shelf we found an old dusty box from the 80ís with exactly what I needed. When I came home I installed the T-crossing and the gouges but I didnít get it to work. After a long time of fault tracing I found what was wrong. The cable was not connected to the control panel.

I needed a potentiometer as a censor for the air valve and another one as a spare part for the control to the air valve. So I ordered and the delivery came today. I put the potentiometer in the same unit as the servo and modified a servo arm so it fitted on the potentiometer. Then I bent a wire to link the servo arm and the potentiometer arm. I added an extra potentiometer to the circuit to be able to fine adjust the meter. The meter, which is a regular ampere meter, is taken from an old radar sender. It works really well and follows the valve linear.

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