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Day 5 03/01 2007

We have started to look at the montage of the system on the car. We have made taches for the cooler and it looks really nice in the front of the car. The canister for condensated water can take 14 litres of water. It has a valve in the bottom so you can let the water out. The filter is now welded together.

We have removed the carburettor to be able to make the new fuel system with a Y-connection between the gas mixer and carburettor. On the prototype I built three years ago, I let the wood gas go through the carburettor. Now we are going to let the gas go directly into the engine because the carburettor chokes the flow with the vacuum piston. This way, we will get more fuel into the engine and that way more power. The downside is that it will require more work because we will need a switching system between the throttle to the gas mixer and the throttle to the carburettor.

I have discussed some issues with Markus Almroth, a friend of mine which has been working a lot with producer gas. Hes thoughts was that we should have chosen a higher cyclone to the filter. However we believe that the rest of the filter is so well dimensioned that there will be now problem with the cleaning.




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