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Day 9 08/01 2007

Now the throttle switch is almost completed. What’s missing is an adjustable idling speed. Here is a simple description of the throttle switch: When you pres down the accelerator it affects the main axel in the switch. The main axel penetrates two pipes. One of the pipes is connected to the carburettor and the other one is connected to the gas mixer throttle. The pipes are notched in one end and on the main axel there are two pegs that fit in to those notches. Beneath the main axel there is a selection axel with tinplates that affects the pipes and move the pegs in and out from the notches. A wire manoeuvres the selection axel. While one pipe is connected to the axel, the other one is disconnected. This way you can choose which throttle you want to manoeuvre with the accelerator.

I decided to turn the car around so the engine compartment would come near the working bench. And as I had the car running I decided to do a little test run to see how the car felt with the weight of the producer gas system. The fuel tank was picked of so I used a bottle instead. After 300 metres of driving the bottle was empty and I had to go back and get some more fuel. I used the siphon method and of cause I got the mouth full of gasoline. I think that the soap that I used to wash my mouth, tasted worse than the gasoline tough.

I installed a small consol for the wires to the throttles. The one to the left is for shifting throttle and the one to the right is for shutting off fuel to the carburettor.

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