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2007-08-04 19:54
Furudal - Last day

2007-08-02 23:38

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2007-07-14 15:23
Rätansbyn - First day


2007-07-29 07:30

Wood gas tractor service LTD.

Our next stop was Hörby. We were going to meet Sussanne and Henrik. They have a project farm and are interested of wood gas to use on farming machines in their ecological farm. There is an old wood gas Fordson tractor on the neighbour farm that has not been running in ten years. In nice, wet rain we started our mission to get the tractor running.

We began to take out the ashes from the gas producer that was full with moistly ash. We then opened the fine filter and emptied it from ½ litre of rust. The gas pipes was flushed with water and rust, sooth and a peace of metal came out. We started the fan and it seemed to work fine but there were now suction in the gas producer.

We stopped the fan discovered a couple of holes in the cyclone filter. With repaired the holes with coins and chemical metal from the experience we got from Per-Erik Ågrens Volvo PV. The total cost was three Swedish crowns. It was still no god suction in the producer but at least it started to glow a little bit in the coal bed. To be able to see if there were any more leaks, we used compressed air to put the system on pressure and looked for smoke coming out. We found two big holes and cut sheet steel from thin cans to seal them. There was also a leak in the hatch on the producer, so we put a towel between the hatch and the producer.

It was time for start. It was still quite bad suction in the producer, but at least it was glowing nicely. It took a while to adapt to the new controls on the tractor and learning which way was close and whish was open on the valves. It was even more exighting that the tractor had not been running for 10 years. There was a little gasoline pump to help the engine ignite while starting and it was really good. After 20 minutes the tractor finally started! After ten more minutes it ran really fine on wood gas.

So, it was time fore a test drive. The audience shouted out for joy when the tractor left the farm on to the road with a smattering noise from the exhaust pipe. It was a terrific nice feeling to drive the tractor with a wood gas system on.

Click here to see a film when we are testing the tractor.

After the tractor ride it was time to stop the engine. I felt a little bit sad when doing it. I had really wanted to furrow a farming land when we finally got it running!
We went home to Sussane and Henrik and got us some food. The evening was ended with a sauna and swim in the dam.


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