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The car when we are about to start the project. Breakfast on New year’s eve. First day on the project. Micke is cutting the oil-tank so we can use the material for the filter and condensed water canister. Party on New year's eve. Martin is dancing with a pretty girl. Drawings of the first system. Johan is welding the filter. Johan sat down, and got some sticky stuff in the back. The filter and the generator in place. The throttle system that makes it possible to switch between producer gas and gasoline while running. Project conference on Garlic & Shoots in Stockholm. Johan builds the gas mixer with electronically regulated secondary air. Controls on the gear leaver for the secondary air and idle speed. Martin is fixing the suspension. Control panel. Martin is welding the pipes for connecting the generator to the filter. First start. Johan  stirring in the generator. Cam shaft transmission crackdown on first attempt on wood gas. Micke is cutting holes in the rear of the car to make it possible to take out ashes from the generator and filter. The car on the first startatempt on wood gas. The car on the first startatempt on wood gas. Johan is turnlathing the wheel to the wood hacker. The air filter The air filter Micke and Martin are adding an extra wheel to the wood hacker. Micke cuts a sheet to the logging table on the wood hacker. The wood hacker is completed! A big load of fuel on the way to processing. Martin, ready for working with the car! Johan processing wood. Time for startup Group photo Fuelling in the woods. Fuelling in the woods. Emptying the condensated water canister. Micke getting spare parts at Toivo’s Welds and Repairs. Micke in the drivers seat. Anita making food for us. Johan is calibrating the automatic secondary air mixture. Running tests in Orsa Finnmark, fare away from civilisation. Fuelling Micke had some beer and wobbles a little bit with the wood sack. The lambda censor in the exhaust pipe. Martin fillning sacks with wood. Micke, king of the rear seat! Mono loudspeakers The radio Olov Andersson, Johans father. Micke, drilling the holder for the adjustable ignition timing. Micke vacuum-cleans the car for the inspection. The engine ready for inspection. Johan wakes up on the inspection day after nightmares and has been dreaming that he emergency repaired things on the car with epoxy. The car just before starting up and travelling to the Swedish car inspection company. The car just before starting up and travelling to the Swedish car inspection company. Filling the generator hot-bed with coal. Johan and the weighting man, Torbjörn after weighting the car. At the Car inspection company. Micke and the inspector Johan and the inspector The car after the successfull inspection The police thought the car was cool! Measurement of the lambda values. Model of the new filter system. Model of the fibreglass-filter. The pussycat inspects the fibreglass material. Johan makes the filter bag. Leif Altberg makes the new cyklone Leif Altberg makes the new cyklone Leif and Martin The coil to the fibreglass filter. The completed filter Altbergs metal works Martin waiting in the car on the new inspection Johan and the new filter system Johan and the inspector The manufacturing plate on the generator. En pussycat next to two wood sacks. Martin and Micke mounting the new saw in the wood hacker. Johan and Micke plays wood hacker motorcycle.

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