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  Media compilation

This trip has been instructive in many ways. One of the things we got a good insight in, is media. It’s been most interesting to see how news spreads through different news channels.

We got interviewed by over 20 newspapers and magazines, 7 radio programmes and 3 times on television news. There was also a programme about the car and we participated in TV-show where environmental friendly cars competed. One of the television recordings was sold to other countries. On of the countries was Island, and that’s why we got the question: “If it is possible to power the producer on dried fish?”.

Interview in Värmland
Photo: Stina Brosstorp

I’ll never forget the last day when we were in a hurry to Furudal. I was interviewed on telephone by a radio program. A local newspaper came in the middle of the interview.

When we were done, we left for Furudal. The telephone started to ring and three different persons from the Swedish News Agency called me. One of them wanted pictures of the car, one wanted to record television and the last one wanted the story. While I were sending pictures with the computer and talking to the news agency on the telephone, my mother called on the other telephone and said that they talked about us on the radio.

When the telephone interview with the news agency was done, all hell broke loose. Everybody called at the same time; television, radio and newspapers. We managed to schedule both a radio interview and television recording on the way to Furudal and when we arrived two newspaper magazines was waiting for us.

It was quite tough to handle three newspapers, two radio interviews, a television interview and the news agency in one day, but it was really fun!

Newspapers and magazines

Click on the name of the Newspaper to see it in web version (only some of them)

Dalademokraten 16/7
Falukuriren 16/7
Norra Västerbotten 17/7
Piteå Tidning 17/7
Dalademokraten 19/7
NSD 21/7
Västerbottenskuriren 21/7
Norrbottenskuriren 22/7
Dalademokraten 23/7
Enontekiön sanomat 25/7
NWT 26/7
Kungsbacka-Posten 26/7
GT 27/7
Bohuslänningen 27/7
Trelleborgs Allehanda 30/7
Sydsvenska dagbladet 30/7
Blekinge Läns Tidning 30/7
Dalademokraten 3/8
Falukuriren 3/8
Blekinge Läns Tidning 3/8
Norrtelje tidning 3/8
Bilsport 3/8
Teknikens värld 6/8
Bilsport nr 18 23/8
Nostalgia nr 10 2007
Vi skogsägare nr 4 2007
140-bladet nr 3 2007


SR Dalarna 13/7
SR Norrbotten 18/7
P3 Morgonpasset 24/7
P4 Sommarsverige 30/7
SR Kvartifem-ekot 1/8
SR Uppland 2/8
SR Dalarna 2/8


Norska TV2
TV4 Morgon 24/7
SVT GävleDala 2/8
Rapport 2/8
SVT Kunskapskanalen "Mera vetenskap" 18/9
SVT Vetenskapsmagasinet 27/11


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