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  Three marine technicans

We are three old pals from school that still stick together and do fun projects. This is the largest project so far.

Johan Linell
Function: Project leader and constructor

Used to work as a submarine technican. Now works with computers and as a professional driver when he has time. Likes old machines, the province Dalarna and to travel. He is something of a rockabilly guy and listens to 50's rock.

Mikael Anderberg
Function: Smithery and buyer of components

He's been working at Micab with boat repairs so long he can remember. Likes swedish songs with swedish texts. He often spends time out in Stockholm archepelago where he has a summer house. He does not have a driver's license and will therefore be king of the back seat.

Martin Johansson
Function: Volvoexpert and engineer

He has just changed career from ship yard worker to combat boat technican. Likes Volvo and refuses tho let go of he's Volvo 245. If Martin could choose a thing to take with him to an abandoned island, it would be a B21-engine.


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