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Day 24 06/04 2007

Last weekend in Dalarna before the inspection of the car. We brought the wood with us from Stockholm to process it. We got even more birch wood from Mats Linell at Ore Maskin. The wood hacker has been going all day and it worked better than we thought. The oak wood was no problem. However the saw broke down after a while. We are going to by a better saw to make it more dependable.

We have mounted two draining valves for condensate water on the filter: One in the bottom canister and one in the middle canister. We found a working safety belt and an attachment for the broken window at Östanviks Welds & Repairs. We have added warning signs on the dash panel for being in the car when the starting fan is running.

We drove about 120 km today and it has functioned fine. Martin has tested to drive on wood gas for the first time. It was also the first time we drove in daylight and there were a lot of people outside that could see the car. We could see a lot of funny facial expressions from people. One guy ran to us and started to take pictures of the car!

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