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Day 25 07/04 2007

We have spent most time of the day processing wood. As the saw on the wood hacker broke we have sawed the wood with an ordinary saw and then chopped the logs with the wood hacker. We have produced about 1,5 cubic metres.

We have tested drying oak wood in a big kettle with a fire under (this sort of kettle was used for washing laundry like sheets long ago). Small pieces of oak wood were heated about five hours and were stirred now and then. The pieces felt lighter when finished and when we were driving the car it worked out the same way as when using birch wood.

Martin has puttied and painted the right hand side spare wheel holder which he earlier welded. We have installed the fire extinguisher on the floor in front of the front seat.

I have rigged the lambda sensor in the tailpipe and adjusted the secondary air circulation. The sensor regulates the secondary air circulation when the potential is under 0.45 Volt and over 0.85 Volt. It means that the motor will get a somewhat “thicker” mixture. We have to find out if there is a reason to change the potential parameters later to get as little pollutants as possible from the motor exhaust gas. During the test trips the lambda sensor regulation worked really well. We tested both manual and automatic gearing and we didn´t notice any difference in effect which means that the circuit works optimally. The circuit is a bit slow at fast changes in the load. When going from idling to acceleration and at slow gearing up to a higher gear a small effect dip in the power occurs before the circuit regulates properly. When we speeded up the regulation of the lambda sensor it became better. It is possible to avoid this problem still more by giving a little more gas during the gearing and accelerate softly when from idling speed.

The test trips were made on through the woods on gravel roads. After 100 km of testing we dared to go in to Furudal where there was a troubadour evening in Lotta´s café. We asked if we were allowed to come in even if we were wearing working overalls with a distinct smell of smoke. Of course, Lotta said and we went in and enjoyed dancing with the girls from Furudal and Rättvik. Two of the girls were hungry but Lotta´s kitchen was closed. I managed to buy some sausages and we grilled them over the flame of the starting fan. One of the sausages was disqualified as I handled it without wiping off the diesel from my fingers. Except for that the spectators were very impressed by the sausage grilling.

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