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Day 34 3/5 2007

The car is now in Stockholm! The trip from Dalarna worked out well and on the motor way between Uppsala and Stockholm where the speed reached 105 Km/h.

I took the car to work two days. It is a rather short distance to drive and the filter did not come up to the right temperature. There was a vast pressure decline over the filter and the car was struggling. Micke and I had to clean the filter and insulated the container better and the gas that passes out of the container is around 150 degrees.

We went to Lennart in Tyresö again to get more wood. It was the first time we had a trailer behind the car. Without an unloaded trailer it was OK. But on the way home with the trailer full of wood we had to use gasoline. When we have installed the new motor will have more horse powers and the problem hopefully will be solved.

It was the first time we drove the wood gas car in Stockholm city. We got a lot of wondering glances when passing the jet set area of the city with clubs and restaurants. When we filled gasoline in Enskede we met nice guys who stopped and asked questions about the car. It was not until I came home that I realized that my whole face was black of soot and tar. But so what! If you drive on wood gas, you do!

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