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Day 33 30/4 2007

Time for inspection again! Martin and I were very tired. We came home 0230 in the middle of the night after having spent the whole weekend building the filter container. It was tough getting up early in the morning. A tidy car always gives a good impression so we made a rapid cleaning with the vacuum cleaner. We also changed from winter tires to summer tires and loaded the car fully with wood. If the car passes the inspection we will continue to Stockholm (300 km from our starting point).

This time we used gasoline on our way to the inspection and I also remembered to take down the antenna before we entered the entrance to the inspection hall. The same inspector as last time appeared and his experience of inspecting wood gas cars raised with100 %. (The second time he inspected a wood gas car). I was tremendously nervous again. Would the weight loss be enough so Micke, Martin and I would be allowed to go together in the car?

The scales in Falun was out of order so we had to go to the next town, Borlänge. The car was scaled by another nice man called Jörgen. (The scaling men always appear to be nice.) The car was 150 kg less which means that four persons can go in the car. Totally it means 210 kg cargo weight. Besides that the axel weigh is 290 kg on each axel. Not bad balanced by an old submarine technician.

After we had given the paper with the weigh result to the inspector and got the total results we felt maximal happiness. When you work hard night and day and devote your body and soul to such a project as this the happiness is on top when you reach the results you are hoping for.

We started on wood gas and continued towards Stockholm. The filter kept a rather low temperature (around 80 degrees), so we stopped and tested insulating the cyclone and the pipes. Now the temperature of the filter decreased to 120 degrees C and when controlling later there was no condensate collected in the filter container.

Now the car is ready according to regulations and mandatory demands. It seems to function very well and it has got a draw hook. The car is ready for the trip through Sweden but still there remains a lot of preparation to do.

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