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Day 32 29/4 2007

Today Martin has arrived from Stockholm to help with the filter container and we are all working very intensively. Leif has built the container part of the fine filter and rolled the filter bellows. Martin and I have manufactured suspensions and we have also welded braces for the filter bellows.

The bottom of filter container was welded together with the top. The lid of the container got three fast locks and a seal ring made of rubber. The filter got a flange to be attached to the pipe from the cyclone filter. Pipes leading out of the container were welded to the bottom of the container and were connected to the cooler with a rubber tube. All the pipes were made of rectangular sheets which were rolled and welded. Because of lack of time the bends were 90 degrees. This could be a problem but the pipes are wider than needed (75 mm) so we hope it will work all right.

The filter bellows was attached on flange. The filter bag was thread on and fastened to the filter bellows so maximal filter material area is received. Around the flange we folded the filter inwards so the flange capsules the filter bag when you screw it tighter.

Finally everything was installed on the car and the temperature sensor was set into the pipe leading out from the filter container. We want to measure the temperature to check if condensate is accruing.

We were finished around 0100 am and made a short testing trip. Tomorrow it is time for inspection by The Car Inspection Company.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to Leif Altberg and Altberg Sheet AB for excellent help in a difficult part of this project. It was very interesting to see their technical solutions of pellet boilers and ash traps which have obtained patent.

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