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Day 31 28/4 2007

Today we have built the cyclone filter. Leif Altberg is helping us and we can use his work shop hall. It is not much you can do to help when a professional works more than looking and tell how you want the construction.

He started to cut out the different pieces of stainless sheet metal. He programmes the machine and then it cuts the pieces automatically. We choose 1 mm thick sheet metal. One piece was rolled to the shape of a cone another one to a pipe. The pieces were welded together with a tig welder. Stainless sheet metal is difficult to handle. It bends easily in unwanted ways and it takes a long time to weld. You have to point weld and knock the sheets often.

As collector for the ashes we use a bucket with a fast lock. This bucket is actually an original cyclone. It is called the Ash Trap and is manufactured by Altbergs Sheet AB and is used when cleaning the boiler with a vacuum cleaner. The idea to use this sort of bucket came too late. We were already building the other cyclone and as we were interested to find out how it would work we went on constructing it.

The lid on the ash trap was attached to a sheet in the bottom of the cyclone with nits. Between the lid and the sheet we added mastic to make it really tight.

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