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Day 30 26/4 2007

After several problems with the delivery a device-note was found in the letter box. The filter material had arrived. I fetched it at Schenker in Spånga, Stockholm. After I had passed through their very bureaucratic system I finally got my parcel with 3 square metres of fibreglass and lots of PFE sewing thread that abides 300 degrees C. After that I visited my parents to use mothers sewing machine – a Husqvarna ZigZag.

I folded the filter material double and started pinning the long sides together. To make the seam more compact and safer if the sewing thread would brake, I folded one side over the other one again with one centimetre of marginal, which resulted in three layers of filter material to sew through. After the cat had inspected the pinning I could start sewing.

It was easy to sew through the fibreglass material. No problems or stop. I made three seams on each side and finished sewing a seam along one of the short sides. Finally I turned the filter inside out so all the seams came inside.

I tested the filter with the vacuum cleaner to find out if the air passed through the material. It worked out excellently. No decrease of pressure at all inside the filter. Very promising, it will be interesting to find out when the filter shall be used in realty with ashes, tar and soot on it.

I have been in contact with Leif Atterberg and the next weekend we are planning to build the filter container. There will be a lot to do in two days. It will be exiting to see if we shall get ready in time for the inspection on Monday.

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