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Day 29 13/04 2007

Houston, we have a problem! When the papers from the Car Inspection Company came with the post we could read that the cargo weight of the car was only 70 kg which means only one passenger and a driver. We had expected a low cargo weight but not that low. Now we will have to rebuild parts of the construction to decrease the weight and then get an appointment for a new inspection. We also have to attach a draw hook which we can have inspected at the same time. We can kill two birds with one stone!

We have checked the weight of the filter container and it is 115 kg. I then roughed out and calculated the weight of a filter container made of stainless steel, around 15 kg. Much better!

I visited a friend in the neighbour county who has a company, Altbergs Sheet AB in Edsbyn.

He is called Leif, and he became really excited, as he produces pellet burners for heating houses, and is interested in bio fuels. He promised to help us to build a new filter container. A new appointment with the Car Inspection Company has been made, the 30th of April.

I have tested different values of the lambda adjustment. The best value so far is between 0.25 and 0.45 V. An oscilloscope has been coupled up to the lambda adjuster so I can see the lambda value in real time when the circuit is regulating.

Click here to see a film about the lambda adjustment.

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