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Day 28 10/4 2007 (D-Day)

Exellent! That was the inspectors comment when the inspection was finished. Guess if we felt wonderful!

The night was restless. Both Micke and I turned around several times in bed before we fell asleep. I dreamt that and I under stress and in panic mended all parts of the car with epoxy. 5.30 the alarm clock rang. The car was to be inspected 9.00 sharp and before that we had a 70 km long trip to Falun in front of us plus checking the weight of the car. 70 km is normally not a long distance but with wood gas you can expect some delicate time consuming problems during the trip.

The morning was cold and damp. The thermometer showed – 2 degrees C. We filled coal around the cone. That was the only thing we had to do. Everything else had been prepared the last night. Only starting the car remained to be done. It was very reluctant in the beginning. Usually we keep the car in the garage but the producer was too hot when we came home so we left it in the garden. The damp filter had probably frozen during the night. After several kilometres the motor got the right power again and we were able to keep about the same speed as the other traffic.

We took a short path over Ingels and Bjusås to Falun. The road was really frosty and slippery. We saw many cars that had glided off the road and landed in the ditches. We filled the producer in Andersbo, halfways to Falun and that was enough to reach our destination.

We went straight away to the weighting point at Falu Avfall. There we met a nice guy called Torbjörn. He expressed his impression by the car and invited us for morning coffee after the weight had been checked. Both the gas tank and the producer were filled with fuel when the car was weighted and the controller noted 100 % filling in both tanks. We also noted the total weight of the wood gas equipment, it hit all our speculations: 300 kg! What a tank!
The time was 8.30 and our nervousness just grew. We expressed our gratitude for the coffee and continued up to the Investigation Company where we checked in. At 9.10 our registration number showed up on the display. Entrance 3! When we passed the entrance we heard a rattling noise like when you pull a stick along a grill. It was the antenna sprawling against the sheet metal ceiling. “Good start” I thought.

I got out of the car and the inspector took my place. I jumped in on the other side and Micke had to wait outside. The investigator drove away before I managed to tell him what fuel was used for the moment. After a short distance I asked if he knew how to drive a wood gas car. The answer was no. But you are driving on wood gas now, I said. The inspector thought it was gasoline.

Apparently there had been a misunderstanding when I called the Car Inspection office to find out the facts about the inspection. The person I spoke to said it was okey to drive with wood gas. But the inspector was worried about wood gas in the testing garage. “We have to do the best out of the situation and do the testing outdoors” he said.

He started with ocular over all check and control of the manufacturing number. After that all the Traffic Safety regulations were checked and compared with our wood gas construction. I also showed all my papers. We found out that there were two different versions of regulations from different years. The difference between them was minimal except for some details and illustrations. Finally he checked he the cooler to ensure there were no sharp parts on sticking out and the length of the car was measured with a tape measure.

Micke and I were invited to sit down in the testing garage while the inspector went into his office to fill in the papers. Another nervous time of waiting started as we did not know the result yet. Suddenly he came up to us and said: Excellent! He thought that we had followed the regulations and that we had built a stable and strong construction including the producer, the filter and the cooler. That ware nice words to listen to and it was wonderful that the car had passed the inspection. Our worst night mare, that the car wouldn´t pass the inspection, was gone!

After the inspection I drove Micke to the rail way station and the train to Stockholm. But first of all Micke needed to buy snuff and I needed to fill the producer with more wood. People along the road stopped to find out what we were doing. A police car came and slowly passed by. He turned and came back. Haha, I thought, now he wants to find out if we are driving with a legal car and we have just passed the inspection. But I was wrong. A really nice police officer got out of the car and he was extremely impressed by our car. More such police men! We stood talking for a while before it was time to go back home.

We are happy and relaxed now. We will have time to recover for some days. It has been a very busy Easter with hard work. Now it feels wonderful that the car has passed the investigation.

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