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Day 27 9/4 2007

The last day before the inspection by the Car Inspection Company. There is still a lot to do. Micke works with the safety device. He builds it in two pieces. The front part is stuck to the generator with a screw and the rear part is attached with wing nuts so you can easily take it away when you want to reach the producer.

We make an adjustable ignition. The locking screw of the ignition distributor slackens so it can move. A bar is attached to the distributor. A regulation wire is attached to the bar which is manoeuvred from the panel. This equipment makes it possible to test at what ignition timing the motor works optimally.

We have set up a loading grill on the roof rack for sacks with wood and the spare wheel. When there is no trunk left for luggage all other space is important for loading. The spare wheel is fastened with a stretch band and in the spare wheel we keep the ash box. As ash box we use is an old ginger bread biscuit box.

We are now working on details. Like putting together all cables, wires, pipes etc. We controlled the gas mixer and found some smear in it. An entire hovering inside the car and polishing of the interior decoration did wonders. Martin had to leave us to go back to Stockholm to work. We said good bye and Micke and I went on working to get ready for the next day – The Day!

In the evening we made a long testing trip, 150 kilometres, in order to find out how much wood is needed per km but also to find out how much fuel (wood) would be needed to go to Falun where the Car Inspection Company is situated. The motor suddenly did not sound right and the car retarded in Noppikoski (In the middle of the woods). We stopped and found that the coal around the cone was finished and that the cooler was leaking from two holes. The leakage was small. One of the holes we mended with epoxy and the other one we left leaking in lack of the right mending material.

We continued to Orsa where we bought 4 bags of barbecue coal for 100 Skr in a gas station. We were back home just before 12 o´clock in the middle of the night. Some preparation for the next day and then straight in bed. We will have to get up 5.30 to be at the Car Inspection in time.

Fuel consumption

The estimation was made like this:
The producer was filled maximally with wood. The trip meter was reset. Every time the producer is filled the distance between the top edge of the container and the level of the wood is measured.

Diameter of the producer: 4 dm
Radius: 2 dm
Area: Pi * R^2=12.6
Consumed wood: 12.6*wood level
Consumed wood per mil (mil=10 km)

Test 1: 12.1 l per mil. Idling twice, 5 minutes each time.
Test 2: 13.8 l per mil
Test 3: 13.5 l per mil. Stopped and started again.
Test 4.: 10.1 l per mil.
Test 5: 8.6 l per mil. Higher speed is held than during the other tests. The out door temperature is higher during this test.
Test 6: 10.2 l per mil. Idling for 5 minutes.

Consumption: 11,38 l of wood per mil (= 10 kilometers).

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