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Day 7 05/01 2007

Today we have mounted the producer and filter in the trunk. We used two robust L profiles for cross baulks. In some places we had to cut the balks so we can open the ash canisters in the units. In those places we strengthened the baulks with perpendicular flat bars beneath.

To be able to mount the filter unit we made taches of L profiles, drilled holes in them and welded them to the filter. The producer had a tach already. To improve the mounting we made four braces that holds the units.

We put the units with the service hatches backwards. We figured this was the best way to get room to take out ashes from the units without getting burnt.

Itís the last evening that the whole team is gathered for a while. To morrow Micke and Martin will travel back to Stockholm. So we have taken an early end to this workingday to take it cool and to revel what we have done so far. Its been a backbreaking, but fun week!





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